Less Fortunate is Not Less Than

While shopping today, I overheard a mother and her teen daughter complain about the nerve of a “needy” teenager who had the audacity to list Ugg boots and a NorthFace jacket on her Christmas wish list (she’s a member of the family that the offended mom’s friend’s employer is sponsoring). It was so unbelievable to them that they repeated the list a couple of times.

This is a wish list, people. Can’t a girl dream? What did they expect her to ask for…knockoffs? I imagine she wanted name brand items so she could blend in and be seen as normal, not needy…not a have not. Wearing these designer items may mean she won’t get picked on or bullied for being poor. She likely realizes she won’t get all the items she asked for, but what if she gets one?!

If you are fortunate to not be on the receiving end of charity, have a heart. People who shop at thrift stores out of necessity don’t want your stained, ripped and torn hand-me-downs. And women at shelters don’t want their children playing with toys that are broken and missing too many pieces to enjoy (what you deem unfit for yours). They want their children to play with safe and fun toys, just as parents in financially stable households do. 

People considered the least of these are not less than.

Whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me. – Matthew 25:40

Every man shall give as he is able, according to the blessings of the Lord your God which He has given you.  – Dueteronomy 16:17



Not a Fan of Celebrity Endorsements


Celebrity endorsements are often unnecessary and a waste of resources. They’re cloaked in extravagant negligence simply for the sake of recognition. Nothing to do with product or quality.

Take for instance the launch of TD Bank some years ago. I’d much rather see a creative concept (like the BART robot they utilize today) than realize they’ve spent millions more dollars to have Regis and Kelly hawking the virtues of its unconventional bank. I don’t believe consumers are so starstruck and gullible to choose a bank simply because their favorite TV morning show co-hosts plugged it; at least I’m not. Show me that you are frugal with your money…my money and maybe I’ll entrust you with it.

Zaxby’s is another company I wish would change its ways. I long unsubscribed from their email list because all the emails were all about them (birthday cake milkshake or some enticing sandwich), never me, the customer. How about say thanks now and again, offer me something free? And quit dishing out the big bucks to Hollywood celebrities (whom I can’t fathom eating your high-calorie food and ruining their figures) to peddle your goods. I doubt some have ingested chicken in years. Instead, consider spending those millions on customer promos instead. Be more like Chick-Fil-A and Krispy Kreme and send your patrons coupons and occasional freebies. Boost your revenue with customer appreciation.

Then there’s Cigna. An insurance company resurrecting TV doctors of shows long gone. You’re in the healthcare field. Please prioritize patients’ coverage over your market share.

The bottom line is we’re living and consuming in a new day and age. Be more creative and wise with your marketing budget. Aim to be authentically memorable.


Pride and craftsmanship succumb to substandard mediocrity

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I love collecting antiques. I admire them because the craftsmanship is superior. I have items decades old and some 100+ years old. And they’re still in tact. Nothing is peeling, bulging, warped or defective. Not like throwaway items of today. It makes me wonder, What happened to pride in one’s work and craftsmanship?

Take a look around when you enter a newly constructed home or building. You’ll probably see sheet rock seams and nails poking through the walls and ceilings…things built and installed askew. Imperfections aplenty. What I suspect would be unacceptable in the builder/contractor’s own home. Why the rush? Why the lack of respect for the occupants of the space?

If you produce or repair a product that can be seen and held, do it with pride and accuracy. If a car trunk shut all the way when it came to you, don’t give the car back with the trunk off kilter. If you are okay with shipping $200 bar stools marred with nicks and scrapes, you should reconsider your quality standards. If you are racing to finish the job on a tight deadline, don’t take on so many jobs. Do what you realistically can. Complete a job you’re proud to put your name on. Do a job customers can rave about to their friends and family – thereby gaining you more business.

I don’t want spit in my food

I recently entered a restaurant to pick up my call-in order. I had to halt in the vestibule while a worker was adjusting the rugs before me. I was stunned when she went to the register to take my payment and then package my food at the counter – never removing the gloves she wore while tending to the floors.
Years ago, I recall a teenager fingering and coiling her hair when I entered the restaurant to pick up my order. She then proceeded to handle my money and as I waited for our pizza, she wrapped silverware packets. Never once did she wash or sanitize her hands.
We have written off so many restaurants due to poor service. All it takes is one time to be served burnt food, or wait 20 minutes for a salad, plus a slew of other transgressions. I usually just suffer through it because I’m afraid to send back my food. I fear an unwanted, non-requested ingredient will be added.
spit paragraph
I’m ashamed to say that I don’t have the guts to verbally correct your employees.
​Why is the burden on me to tell them ​w​hat’s not acceptable/appropriate? ​So ​to the restaurant owners and managers of the world, ​on behalf of all creeped out
​diners, please ​teach your staff​ to practice good hygiene.​

My Town is Going to the Dogs

My Local story.

town going to dogs 2
I know I may get a lot of flak for this, but it has become a pet peeve of mine. I must preface this with the fact that I LOVE dogs. I sleep with my canine kids on the couch every weekend. I couldn’t dare hold my own children that close to me anymore, so it feels good to cuddle. However, we keep our love and affection at home.
I don’t want my pets dining with me at a restaurant. Nor do I want to see Fido in your arms as you browse the produce at the open-air market. One of my dogs sheds constantly and everywhere I go, there’s a white hair or two or more on my clothing. I try to remove them before I leave the house, but inevitably, a few stick around. Even when on vacation, my family manages to find a white hair on someone’s person and we joke that Trixie is with us. Knowing how dog hairs float and place themselves in unusual places, I don’t want to take chances near my food. As Betty said in the movie Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins, “It just ain’t sanitary!”
Going to the dogs - from Roscoe Jenkins
It can also be unsafe. I recall New Year’s Day enjoying a patio meal in Charleston, SC. When the waitress came over to check on us, the dog of nearby diners suddenly lunged at her, barking, growling, and snarling – the works. It was unnerving. My young daughter was closest to it all with her back to the commotion and completely vulnerable. The waitress was shook up, and the pet owners were shocked and embarrassed. The man quickly took the Lassie/Cujo breed to the SUV where it remained while they finished their meal. Wouldn’t have happened had the hound stayed at home.
This notion of companion animals/pets/dogs is being abused too as I see far too many non-service dogs strolling around retail spaces (not PetSmart). I know you love Max, but please don’t impose your pooch on other patrons and outdoor festival goers when signage clearly states “No pets allowed” or “Service animals only.” There are people who have an actual dog phobia. And it could turn ugly should your dog detect their fear.