via Daily Prompt: Substandard


I love collecting antiques. I admire them because the craftsmanship is superior. I have items decades old and some 100+ years old. And they’re still in tact. Nothing is peeling, bulging, warped or defective. Not like throwaway items of today. It makes me wonder, What happened to pride in one’s work and craftsmanship?

Take a look around when you enter a newly constructed home or building. You’ll probably see sheet rock seams and nails poking through the walls and ceilings…things built and installed askew. Imperfections aplenty. What I suspect would be unacceptable in the builder/contractor’s own home. Why the rush? Why the lack of respect for the occupants of the space?

If you produce or repair a product that can be seen and held, do it with pride and accuracy. If a car trunk shut all the way when it came to you, don’t give the car back with the trunk off kilter. If you are okay with shipping $200 bar stools marred with nicks and scrapes, you should reconsider your quality standards. If you are racing to finish the job on a tight deadline, don’t take on so many jobs. Do what you realistically can. Complete a job you’re proud to put your name on. Do a job customers can rave about to their friends and family – thereby gaining you more business.


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