I recently entered a restaurant to pick up my call-in order. I had to halt in the vestibule while a worker was adjusting the rugs before me. I was stunned when she went to the register to take my payment and then package my food at the counter – never removing the gloves she wore while tending to the floors.
Years ago, I recall a teenager fingering and coiling her hair when I entered the restaurant to pick up my order. She then proceeded to handle my money and as I waited for our pizza, she wrapped silverware packets. Never once did she wash or sanitize her hands.
We have written off so many restaurants due to poor service. All it takes is one time to be served burnt food, or wait 20 minutes for a salad, plus a slew of other transgressions. I usually just suffer through it because I’m afraid to send back my food. I fear an unwanted, non-requested ingredient will be added.
spit paragraph
I’m ashamed to say that I don’t have the guts to verbally correct your employees.
​Why is the burden on me to tell them ​w​hat’s not acceptable/appropriate? ​So ​to the restaurant owners and managers of the world, ​on behalf of all creeped out
​diners, please ​teach your staff​ to practice good hygiene.​

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